WEEE Compliance


For customers who have Unisystem products that have reached the end-of-life, Unisystem offer a Product Take-back, to insure that the disposal of the electronic equipment is handled in an environmentally safe manner, and in compliance with the WEEE Directive.


At time of purchase of a new Unisystem product, Unisystem also offer a product take-back on a one-for-one basis for competitor branded equipment with comparable function. In this case we reserve the right to charge a cost-covering disposal fee if there are additional expenses for handling of such equipment. Please contact Unisystem for further information, before returning any equipment not produced or sold by Unisystem.


Unisystem pays for the costs of treatment, recycling and recovery of the WEEE to meet the regulations set by the WEEE Directive.
The returned product may not be contaminated with substances that may be hazardous to health or harmful to the environment.
The end user pays for the transportation of the WEEE to Unisystem.


Please enclose a materials return note with your Company name, telephone number and the name of the person responsible for the return. Also mark the packing and the return note with the letters WEEE.

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