4-cell scales

4-Cell Scales

Introducing Unisystems 4-Cell Scales for Marine Applications, the ultimate weighing solution for marine industries. Specifically designed for use in hopper scales, fish processing lines at factory trawlers, and conveyor belts, these marine scales are built to deliver accurate and reliable weight measurements in demanding marine environments.

Unisystem 4-Cell Scales

Our motion compensated weighing systems can be manufactured for weighing in the marine industry. We use our marine scale technology to suit your special requirements. Our scales can be fully integrated for example processing equipment, custom sizes, capacities and accuracies.

Key benefits

  • compensation for motion, tilt and gravity
  • accurate and fast weighing’s at rough sea
  • tough conditions
  • proven reliability

Customised marine 4-Cell Scales

Unisystem develop and manufacture all kinds of motion compensating 4-Cell Scales for the marine industry. Customers using our scales are doing roughly the same weighing’s as their competitors, but better and with a higher level of precision. Unisystem weighing solutions make it possible for them to stay one step ahead and save time and money when it comes to fast and accurate weighing’s at sea.

Features and options

All our marine scales compensate automatically for motion, tilt and global gravity. No recalibration is needed. High accuracy, fast weighing, reliable systems in stainless steel AISI 316


  • Communication RS232 or RS485
  • Remote displays
  • Relay boards
  • Digital I/O signals
  • Label printers and report programs are available options